Shir Joy’s director, Nan AK Gibbons is also the collaborative artistic director of the Band Of Voices Community Chorus in Barre, Worcester Bedside Singers, and Wiogora School of Wonder and Wisdom, a Harry Potter Themed educational community in Worcester, MA. Additionally, Ms Gibbons teaches at the Joy Of Music Program in Worcester and Nashoba Montessori School in Lancaster.

An accomplished composer, arranger and choral artist, she taught in the New York Metropolitan Opera Guild’s Urban Voices Choral Initiative for twelve years.  She is an alumna of Lesley University where she majored in art and music, and continued to earn a Master Of Education degree in Music. She also has an MA in Theology and the Arts from Andover Newton Theological School where she concentrated on Arts and Pastoral Care. She is looking forward to working with Shir Joy’s singers and their unique and beautiful repertoire.